So, what kinds of things can you do in the eStudio? Check out the machines that live in the eStudio. You'll find tutorials, examples and other fun facts about each friend through the link.

  • AxiDraw
  • Cintiq tablets
  • digital embroidery/sewing machine
  • 6 thread digital embroidery machine



2D Scan:
  •  Epson Scanner
3D Scan:
  • Sprout
  • Structure Sensor                     

3d Printing:

  • Dremel Idea Builder

Gesture + 3d Space:
  • Leap Sensor
  • Kinect

  • LittleBits: prototype your ideas
  • Soldering iron:   make your own electronics

>>> Make separate pages for each of the machines and LINK these pages to the tools page <<<

>>> Make new pages for the other machines and LINK these pages to the tools page <<<

CAD/CAM Embroidery/Sewing Machine
This machine is a computer driven embroidery machine. It employs the 5D design Software that is run on a dedicated iMac. Read more about the software and see tutorials here:
The "design creator" portion of the software uses jpg or svg files (Images incorporating text should be jpg files since many fonts don't overlap from one machine to the other). Using the sketch program, you can draw directly into the program. It is also possible to easily and quickly make a suitable jpg from your hand drawn sketch using our scanner and wacom cintiqs.
This machine can be used to sew conductive thread into circuits for wearable, flexible and washable circuits. It can also be used as a conventional sewing machine once the embroidery ring is removed.

Cintiq Wacom Drawing Tablets

Come in and enjoy drawing directly on the screen using already installed Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. Free for UMN of students during open hours.

To learn more about the tablets please visit: