The OtherMill


The Othermill is a digital milling machine, basically a spinning drill bit that moves around in three dimensions. It works by shaving away little bits of material layer by layer. Using the same concepts as a CNC machine, just smaller. It is used to cut stamps, circuit boards, aluminum parts, wooden designs, and anything of that nature.

key links:

other mill website

get started guide

make a stamp tutorial (coming soon)

make a circuit board tutorial (coming soon)

Eagle circuit board design software
 there are a few ways to get started with the othermill.

the interface for the machine is called 'OtherPlan' and is located on the mac  side of the connected computer.

making a stamp, or similar cutout design, you can start with an appropriate '.SVG' file, like one made in Adobe Illustrator.

if youre interested in making a circuit board, you can start with a schematic and turn it into a circuit diagram (.brd) with the free software Eagle.

you can also directly import these .BRD files into Otherplan

from there you will choose the material you plan on using, the bits to cut with, and the size and depth of the design you will cut.

the machine does the rest!