how to glitch photos with audacity

glitch art is amazing, giving everyone the opportunity to make something beautiful through exploration, play, and experimenting.

Audacity is a free software for editing audio, we are going to use it to glitch photos

first step is to take your photo!

our friend Charles stopped by the eStudio to make an album cover

your photo will need to be a .tiff, so we brought the photo into adobe photoshop and exported it as a .tif, but you can use any photo software to do this.

next open audacity and choose                file > import > raw data

It will prompt you for import settings, we use as follows

now your photo is loaded in as audio

*** DO NOT mess with the intro and the ending, they will look different. This section encodes metadata - information like filetype, camera, resolution, etc***

now feel free to add different effects to the image data!
use the effect menu

our favorite effects are
as well as messing with the volume

explore to your hearts desire!

made by: Dan Pergrin, Charles Thomas, and Max Kollman