Hydroponic Curtain

A truly inspired project came out of the interdisciplinary class "Biological Body" taught by Diane Willow last year. The class was geared toward getting art students and students from other disciplines to work together and use their diverse problem solving processes together. Terez Iacovino and Laura Bigger, grad students here in the art dept teamed up with Artemis Ettsen from the architecture department to design and construct a modular, self-sustaining garden to hang in the skyway between the East and West art buildings. A pump system cycled the water from the bottom back up to the top, where it ran down past the net-pots and kept the plants watered. They used the ultrasonic welder here in the eStudio to make water tight seams in some parts of the thick plastic. They used the laser cutter to cut the net pots that held the ceramic balls that kept the roots moist and held the root ball of the plants.