Welcome to the Estudio

The eStudio is a catalyst for digital dialogues that explore creative processes connecting tangible materials in hand and digital modes of fabrication with programmable machines. The eStudio is designed to create an inclusive and participatory environment that invites a reimagining of the permeable boundaries shaped by digital design and fabrication technologies, emerging materials and sustainable practices, experimental modes of making and tacit knowledge. The physical space provides a clean room required by the machines and a conceptual and cooperative learning place intended to enhance the experience of artists engaged in this creative research.

Hours will be expanded as the eStudio continues to develop a community of people who know how to use the equipment and are available to staff the eStudio and open the doors.

Our physical home is in W206 Regis Center for Art

2016 Fall Hours

Mon        9:00am - 12:00pm   Macey
             12:00pm -   2:00pm    Cat
Tues     11:30am -    4:30pm    Max
Wed      11:30am -   1:30pm     Max
               5:00pm -  7:00 pm     Cat
Thurs     1:00pm -    5:00pm     Cat
Fri        12:30pm -   4:30pm     Macey
                2:30pm - 4:30 pm    + Cat, Max
Sat       10:00am -   2:00pm      Macey
(please check whiteboard outside, hours are subject to change)

If you'd like to schedule another time or volunteer please email us at estudio@umn.edu.

Thank you!!!